About Us

Welcome to Gifted Catfish Corner, your ultimate local dining destination in Honolulu! Our new branch finds its home at 1770 Kapiolani Blvd, perfectly positioned in the vibrant heart of this Pacific paradise. As part of our expansion journey, we are excited to bring our love for delicious and historic cuisine to the beautiful community in Honolulu.

Our roots run deep. The original Gifted Catfish Corner was founded by Woodrow and Rosemary Jackson in Seattle’s Central District in 1985. Their grandson, Terrell Jackson, later revitalized the brand in 2015, infusing fresh energy while respecting the rich legacy of his family’s recipes and values. The tale of our journey has been one of resilience and unwavering commitment to community, stretching across different locations before settling into our flagship establishment in Seattle.

Our voyage to Honolulu embodies the spirit of ‘ohana – the Hawaiian concept of extended family. As we open our doors at this new location, we bring with us the spirit of our Seattle roots, while embracing the unique essence of the Honolulu community. It’s not just a geographical expansion; it’s a family one, connecting us to the vibrant tapestry of the Pacific.

At Gifted Catfish Corner in Honolulu, we offer more than just an exceptional dining experience. We are a gathering spot, a sanctuary of community spirit, and a proud custodian of culinary tradition. Every meal we serve is a tribute to our past and a warm invitation to our future. Each bite of our famed catfish, delicately dipped in tartar sauce, serves as a flavorful “memory shock,” a nod to the cherished family recipe that remains unchanged.

But our mission extends beyond the plates we serve. In line with our philosophy of “there’s something more important than money,” we are also dedicated to supporting the local community. This includes providing free Wi-Fi, fostering a welcoming environment for indoor dining, and importantly, creating employment opportunities for the youth of Honolulu. As we’ve always believed, investing in people and culture forms the cornerstone of our operations.

As the waves of the Pacific kiss the Honolulu shores, we look forward to becoming a part of the fabric of this community, merging the flavors of our history with the unique taste of Hawaiian hospitality. Our promise, as we have pledged in Seattle, remains the same – to serve you with love, authenticity, and a sense of home. Welcome to Gifted Catfish Corner in Honolulu – a blend of history, a celebration of community, and a taste of the islands.